Teamstudio Analyzer

Database documentation and code-quality auditing

  • Documents your database design
  • Indexes every property in your design in a separate Notes® database
  • Highlights functional dependencies within the design
  • Verifies compliance with design standards and spotlights problem areas
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming code reviews
  • Uncovers compatibility issues before upgrade projects

Teamstudio Analyzer is proof that knowledge is power. Because with Analyzer, you’ll know exactly what’s in your database and whether it’s performing as expected. And that improves your ability to maintain the database and ensure that it’s running optimally, that it complies with company design standards, and that it can upgrade easily. You’ll also know that staff assigned to work on the database won’t go batty trying to figure it out. How does Analyzer do it? In short, by exhaustively documenting every corner of your database and then giving you the tools to analyze and act on that information.

“This product paid for itself on day one.” - Doug Finner, Elbit Systems

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