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Teamstudio Build Manager

Build automation system

  • Fast, consistent, one-click builds
  • Audit trail of actions ensures compliance with internal policies/external regulations
  • Controlled promotions via approval process with multiple approval levels
  • Safe, automated database signing during build process
  • Design rollback for when things go wrong

Getting your application from development to production shouldn’t be an adventure. Teamstudio Build Manager provides a framework for organizing, managing, and automating the build process so that every build is consistently efficient, secure, and predictable.

Automation ensures that a file is properly configured for the next stage with the right ACLs, database properties, and agent settings. Combined with Build Manager’s signing flexibility, automation allows individuals unassociated with the development project to perform a build with little or no assistance.

“Before we installed Build Manager our promo­tion process would take about an hour and required several steps. We can now move a change—backing up, compiling, signing and promoting—with the push of a single button.” - Adam Morgan, Superior Technical Resources

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CASE STUDY: Insurance company builds faster, better applications

A large UK insurance company improved a slow and error-prone manual build process by installing Build Manager. Read the case study

CASE STUDY: Build automation supports firm's rapid growth

Installing Build Manager provided TD Waterhouse with the speed, control, and security its rapid growth required in its Notes development environment. Read the case study

CASE STUDY: Standard Life sees huge cost savings

By automating its build process, Standard Life achieved a savings of approximately £100,000 over three years. Read the case study

CASE STUDY: Ontario gets more done despite fixed budget

The government of Ontario streamlined application promotion using Build Manager, freeing up significant developer time for other tasks. Read the case study

CASE STUDY: Bank ensures separation of development and production

Fionia Bank of Denmark uses Build Manager to help it comply with auditors' requirement that development and production stay separate. Read the case study

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