Teamstudio Services

Teamstudio Professional Services provide the resources needed to meet project deadlines quickly and effectively. We offer expertise in project management, development, and administration. We integrate the usage of our own award-winning suite of software tools into our services, giving us a unique advantage over other consulting organizations. As a result we work more efficiently with less errors.


Modernization Services

Modernization Services | XPages Mobile Application | Web enablementTeamstudio offers developer services to modernize your Domino apps by making them web enabled applications or mobile apps. By using specialized tools and processes, Teamstudio’s Modernization Service is quicker, less expensive, and results in better end user experience than any other development method out there.  


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Developer Assistance Program (DAP)

UDAP | Mobile Application Development AssistanceIt’s hard to deny the benefits of a mobile and web enabled workforce. From improvements in productivity to providing more flexibility for employees, mobile and web access is no longer a nice-to-have, but a critical component of a business’ strategy.

If you’re looking for experts in mobile or web-app development to help bring your app to reality, Teamstudio can help. Leveraging our DAP program, our developers will work with you to understand your requirements, provide guidance, and offer assistance in the areas where you most need it.

With an account manager to lead your project and a specialized program that will meet your specific needs, your mobile app will be up and running in no time!

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Application Upgrade Analysis

Upgrading your version of Notes? Let us run Teamstudio’s Upgrade Filters and gather design information from all your applications. You will then receive a report with critical information about potential breaks to your code after the upgrade. All the information needed for the remediation is included in the report.  




Application Complexity Analysis

We capture design information using Teamstudio Analyzer and a custom designed set of Filters to determine application complexity. Once we’ve gathered the data, we rate the complexity of each application using criteria such as:


Application Complexity Auditing

  • Number of forms

  • Number of views
  • Lines of formula language
  • Lines of LotusScript®

  • Lines of JavaScript®

  • Lines of Java not in class files
  • ...and more

Application Complexity Analysis will help you understand your application designs and assist in the scoping and prioritizing of your modernization efforts.



Application Usage Auditing

In order to decrease support costs, Notes administrators are tasked with figuring out how to reduce the number of applications in their environment. Teamstudio provides a variety of solutions for these types of usage auditing projects:


  • Catalog Scan – We scan the domain catalog and identify unwanted applications based on file name, database title or template inheritance.
  • Usage Auditing – We monitor applications for user, agent and web hits over specified time periods. This data can then be presented in a variety of ways to meet project requirements.