Everyone Deserves a Second Chance... Even Notes Developers

Success in life, according to Winston Churchill, is "the ability to move from one mistake to another without losing enthusiasm." We all make mistakes, all the time. It's part of being human. "Learn from your mistakes" they say, but they also say "everyone deserves a second chance."

But what if you're a Notes developer? Control-Z has its place, but what if you saved the borked design element? Well then, unless you created a safe copy of the old version of the design element somewhere, you're out of luck. You'll have to try and remember what it was you changed, and then unchange it.

That is why so many Notes professionals tend to develop ways to work around this issue. Typically, that means implementing a naming system for old versions of the same element, and storing multiple copies in the same database design. An example might be along the lines of:

  • ContactForm
  • ContactFormSafe
  • ContactFormFinal
  • ContactFormThisIsTheOneThatWorks

Not necessarily in that order. As you can imagine, this can lead to confusion, more mistakes, and general cruft in your Notes database designs.

Of course, there is a better way. Source code control systems are as old as the hills, and Teamstudio CIAO! works perfectly with Notes design elements. But not everyone wants or needs to use a full blown SCCS system. 

For those people, we built Teamstudio Undo. Undo is a simple rollback tool for Notes developers. Once installed, it saves versions of design elements and allows you to roll back to any previous version. If you have Teamstudio Delta installed, it'll show you the differences between versions before you pick one. And, to make it easy to understand how it works, we just released a short demo video of Undo.

If any of this sounds familiar, take a look at Undo and see whether it could help you. For us normal humans who might make the occasional mistake, it could be just what you need.

As always, if you want to chat about this or any aspect of Notes/Domino development or application management, click below to contact us.