Client Overview

TD Waterhouse is one of the world’s largest discount brokers, providing investors with a broad range of brokerage, mutual fund, banking and other consumer financial products on an integrated basis. Worldwide, TD Waterhouse currently services more than 3.3 million customer accounts and has over US $130 billion of assets under management.

Business Challenge

A fast-growth company needing greater controls in their development environment, TD Waterhouse had already turned to Teamstudio for automated solutions to the source code and version control issues they faced in their Notes development environment. Once they established best practices in their development process, they recognized that the manual steps they used in their application build process were prone to human error exposing them to costly downtime, rework, and loss of credibility. Builds were simply taking too long when performed manually. Too many steps were involved, requiring excessive documentation. Post-deployment errors were common, requiring additional build iterations. Developers were spending too much time identifying and fixing these errors, which were usually caused by missteps in the build process. Plus, builds were being deployed inconsistently across the production environment.

The Teamstudio Solution

The build process is the sequence of steps required to turn the development version of an application into a shippable version. At TD Waterhouse, the number of individual steps involved to conduct this manually made it a slow, tedious process that was error prone and lacked audit trails on critical activities.

Based on their prior success with Teamstudio automating their source code and version control processes, they turned once again to Teamstudio for a solution that would enable them to automate their build process -- automation that would reduce errors and resource requirements and allow them to be more responsive to business needs.

Teamstudio Build Manager allowed them to automate their application build process, immediately reducing build times. With the new streamlined process, they were able to increase build frequency to the point where they can now perform daily or even more frequent builds. This has enabled them to deliver new features and bug fixes faster to end-users, thus increasing their responsiveness to business needs. There are fewer build-related errors now, and less documentation required from developers, because the build process itself has become their deployment documentation.

Using Build Manager, users are now informed the minute a build is complete, as is their code management team. Unexpected benefits include a build log, an audit trail and email notification. If there is a problem, it appears in the build log, and can be quickly rectified. With an audit trail, they know who performed a promotion and when; and can go to that person if any problems occur. The e-mail notification feature enables them to inform all interested parties when a build is complete.

Teamstudio Build Manager allowed TD Waterhouse to automate their application build process, ensuring an error free build. Unlike their manual application deployment process, Teamstudio Build Manager allowed them to automatically configure applications to be moved to the next stage of development such as test or QA, providing a secure gateway between development, QA and production.

Build Manager enabled TD Waterhouse developers and administrators to increase application security in production by locking down designs via automated ACL management, improve development turnaround time and increase productivity and process control.


As a result of using Teamstudio Build Manager, the TD Waterhouse development team uses fewer resources on application builds, though builds occur more frequently. Applications are now consistent across all environments, with a definite improvement in overall application quality and end-user satisfaction.