Meet Our Leadership Team

Allow us to introduce our board of directors and management team.


Nigel Cheshire

CEO and Board Member

Nigel Cheshire founded Teamstudio in Jan. 1996. As CEO, Nigel provides the strategic direction and day-to-day leadership that keeps the company in step with its customers and one step ahead of the competition.

Prior to Teamstudio, Nigel was a principal of Ives & Company, a UK-based CRM solutions consultancy that was acquired by Aspective in 1999. Before that, he worked in the R&D group at Data General Corp. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Teesside, England.


Mark Dixon

CTO and Board Member

Mark Dixon conceived and created the original portfolio of award-winning Teamstudio IBM/Lotus developer tools. After spending three years focusing his time on Teamstudio's sister company, Enerjy Software, Mark returned to Teamstudio in 2008 where he now manages product strategy.

Prior to joining Teamstudio, Mark was a senior consultant at Ives & Company. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, and completed postgraduate research there in applied probability.


Dan Colbert

VP of Sales and Marketing, and Board Member

In 2003, Dan joined the Teamstudio startup venture, Enerjy Software, and built the sales organization in North America from the ground up. Currently, Dan is responsible for global direct and channel sales for all Teamstudio products. Dan has played a key role in helping clients implement software development best practices and define mobile application strategies.

In addition to his experience at Teamstudio, Dan has seven years of experience working with IT organizations as a staffing consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science and the Arts.