Teamstudio Analyzer

Teamstudio Analyzer

Database documentation tool

  • Documents your database design
  • Indexes every property in your design in a separate IBM Notes database
  • Highlights functional dependencies within the design
  • Verifies compliance with design standards and spotlights problem areas
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming code reviews
  • Uncovers compatibility issues before upgrade projects


Teamstudio Analyzer is proof that knowledge is power. With Analyzer, you’ll know exactly what’s in your database and whether it’s performing as expected. That knowledge will improve your ability to maintain the database and ensure that it’s running optimally. You'll know it complies with company design standards and that it can be upgraded easily. You’ll also know that staff assigned to work on the database won’t go batty trying to figure it out. How does Analyzer do it? In short, Analyzer exhaustively documents every corner of your database and then gives you the tools to analyze and act on that information.


Is your code in line with good practices? Find out fast.

Analyzer audits your design by testing it against a pre-defined set of criteria called filters. Results of the audit are written to an output database, which makes it easier to identify standards violations, potential performance problems, etc., for further review. When you run Analyzer subsequently, you can choose to analyze only those design elements that have changed since Analyzer was last run.


See your database in a whole new light.

Take the mystery out of your application. Analyzer works by first reading the design of your Notes database or template. It then creates a separate Notes database that represents the design. The resulting “analysis output” database contains a separate document for each design element—such as a form, view, subform or field—with fields that represent each property or attribute of that design element. Analyzer’s powerful auditing capabilities also make it possible to examine combinations of elements to ensure a design can meet a unique set of criteria. You can define your requirements and then apply them to the design of any database or template you choose. By automatically reviewing your code against pre-defined criteria and established best practices, Analyzer improves code quality and eliminates time-consuming code reviews. It also logs all quality checks for future reference.

Teamstudio Analyzer | Analysis Results File

Analysis Results File (click image to enlarge)

Mystery belongs in a novel, not in an application. Through comprehensive documentation and built-in analysis tools, Analyzer tells the story of your application in concise detail. Throughout the application lifecycle, Analyzer provides assurance that your application is healthy, accessible, and ready for action.