Teamstudio Delta

Teamstudio Delta

Database Comparison and Merge Tool

  • Pinpoint the differences between databases or templates
  • Find and fix discrepancies between development and production copies
  • Ensure that customizations are retained during upgrades
  • Safely merge branched designs


Let’s say you’ve got a problem you didn’t have before. You know the development copy of your application works fine, but the one in production has gone awry somewhere. How do you compare the two to find where they diverged and the problems began? Teamstudio Delta makes it easy to identify differences between databases and design templates so you can troubleshoot more efficiently, upgrade with confidence, and safely merge branched designs. Delta provides a comparative analysis of your application designs much more quickly—and more perceptively—than is possible manually.


For an Imperfect World, the Perfect Diagnostic Tool

The application lifecycle is rife with opportunities for mischief to occur in your code. Consider, for example, how often applications are replicated from one server to another, onto laptops, etc. When something doesn’t replicate correctly and users start to howl, how do you locate the problem? With Teamstudio Delta it’s a simple matter to compare database designs or elements in order to identify and resolve conflicts. And even though we all know better, design changes are sometimes made in the production environment. Delta reduces the risks this nasty habit creates by instantly locating where changes were made.


Upgrade with Confidence

Upgrade project? Delta will save you time and eliminate the anxiety that customizations and hotfixes will get lost in the shuffle. Delta simplifies the task of documenting customizations so they can be effortlessly (and reliably) reapplied to the standard templates. You can also generate a report to help you prioritize upgrade tasks and focus resources.

Teamstudio Delta Showing Differences within Code

Showing Differences within Code (click image to enlarge)


Get Smart

Delta lets you adjust the lens, so to speak, through its Smart Filter feature. You can set Smart Filter to show more or fewer differences, as needed. For example, you can streamline your analysis by setting Smart Filter to hide naturally occurring differences and identical objects.