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Developer Assistance Program (DAP)
Get an expert developer to help with your mobile app development project. Through DAP, even the most challenging apps can be developed and rolled out to users quickly. Development stacks covered include IBM Notes, IBM XPages, Teamstudio XControls, and Teamstudio Unplugged.

Administrator Assistance Program (AAP)
System administration can be a challenging task for even a seasoned administrator. We understand help is sometimes required. AAP is designed to offer bespoke assistance to you in a cost-effective way using “bite size” chunks of time.

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Application Upgrade Analysis
Upgrading your version of Notes? Let us run Teamstudio Upgrade Filters to gather design information from all your applications. You'll then receive a report with critical information about potential breaks to your code after the upgrade. All the information needed for the remediation is included in the report.

Application Complexity Analysis
Teamstudio Application Complexity Analysis is a service that programmatically analyzes applications using a proprietary algorithm and reports on the level of design complexity for each application. At the end of the analysis, we will deliver a detailed report containing high-level graphs and charts as well as granular design complexity information broken down by the numbers.
Sample Report | Data Sheet

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We provide personalized training for Teamstudio tools and solutions onsite or via Web meetings. We’ll first meet with you to discuss your requirements, then we’ll deliver tailored training to you via the best method for you.

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