What Is Unplugged?

Mobile Business Needs an Offline Engine

Unplugged is a mobilization platform used by businesses to provide their users with business applications accessible from their mobile devices and tablets, even when offline. Mobile application access is proven to increase flexibility and efficiency in organizations ranging in industry from manufacturing to financial services.

Unplugged is an offline engine for mobile business.When organizations mobilize their workforces, most start with email and calendaring services. These can work very effectively on mobile devices, extending access to users any time, any place. To provide the best possible user experience, mobile email and calendars are designed to work well in an “occasionally-connected” world. This means always being able to start and use the app even if the mobile network connection is slow or absent.

Sadly, most enterprise mobile apps don’t work like this. They require a fast, online wireless connection to work well. Developing an app that starts quickly and works well in both online and offline situations is much more expensive and time-consuming than developing an online-only mobile Web app.

Unplugged changes this. The Unplugged Engine introduces a simpler way to develop fast-starting, always available enterprise mobile apps.


Unplugged Technology

Unplugged can start quickly and work offline because it installs a local data store on your mobile device, and one or more apps that use this data store. When network conditions allow, Unplugged then syncs with your backend enterprise systems.

Unplugged cross-platform mobile apps can be developed using XPages and IBM’s Domino Designer built on Eclipse. These apps sync directly with IBM Domino, IBM XWork, IBM Connections, and other enterprise backend systems using their existing backend sync protocols.


Unplugged Security

The Unplugged Engine builds on the proven encryption and security features provided by the underlying mobile platforms and devices. The Unplugged Replicator is a Domino database deployed on a Domino server. The user initiating replication needs to provide a username and Internet password to connect to the Unplugged Replicator. This only needs to be done in the initial setup. The replication process then runs as that user. This means that full platform security is in effect during replication, guaranteeing that only data the user is authorized to see will be replicated onto the mobile device. Similarly, changes made on the device will be written back to the server only if the user has the necessary permissions.


View or download a data sheet for Teamstudio Unplugged: Unplugged Data Sheet | English  German Flag