Support for IBM Employees

IBM Worldwide License
Teamstudio welcomes IBM and its subsidiaries as a worldwide, corporate Teamstudio customer. With the worldwide license, IBM and its subsidiaries (including the Lotus Software Group) have access to use the following Teamstudio products:

  • Teamstudio Analyzer
  • Teamstudio CIAO! Client
  • Teamstudio CIAO! Server
  • Teamstudio Configurator
  • Teamstudio Delta

Under the terms of this license, if you are an employee of IBM Corporation or any IBM subsidiary, you may use any of the products listed above free of any additional charge. To inquire about other Teamstudio products — including Teamstudio Design Manager, Teamstudio Profiler, Teamstudio Undo and Teamstudio Validator — please contact us.

Under the terms of the agreement, Teamstudio provides third-line support for the products. First- and second-line support are provided by IBM's Notes Advocates and Team Leaders in the overall Notes application development community. For more information about support for these products, see the IBM Employees Support Page. (Note: This link is behind the IBM firewall, and is accessible only to IBM employees.)

Accessing the Software
To download the software now, and for access to the serial numbers and keys you will need to be able to use the software, simply click on the IBM Employees Support Page button below.