IBM Answers Your IBM Notes and Domino, and XPages Questions

November 18, 2016

During our Nov. 3 webinar with TLCC, attendees had the opportunity to ask Barry Rosen, Martin Donnelley, Uffe Sorensen, and Adam Kesner of IBM questions about XPages and the IBM Notes and Domino Roadmap. The answers to those questions are listed here alphabetically by the first name of the asker. All answers come directly from IBM.

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Remedying the IBM Notes and Domino Hangover

November 1, 2016

Through eight or nine major releases of IBM Notes and Domino and over a period of 25 years, many, many new features have been added to the platform. In particular, the application development environment has changed beyond recognition from the early days of formula language only. Despite all of those new features being added, the platform has managed to maintain what’s called backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility means you could take any application that was written for Notes any time from 1991 to the present day, and run it, unchanged, on the latest version of Notes.

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Teamstudio NotesTools Edition 32.0 Now Available

July 6, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that this week we’ve released Teamstudio NotesTools Edition 32.0. In addition to fixing a number of bugs, this release includes significant upgrades to a number of internal tools and components. While many of these upgrades aren’t directly visible to the user, they were required to ensure that we continue to base our products on reliable, supported components. One of the most notable upgrades is a new installer based on Microsoft Windows technology.

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New Installation Process for NotesTools Improves User Experience

June 13, 2016

We’re excited to announce today that a new and improved installation process for Teamstudio NotesTools is coming at the beginning of July. We listened to your feedback and understand the frustrations you’ve had with the widgets. This new installation process leaves them behind for a Windows installer-based solution that’s easy, straightforward, and secure. There were complex technical challenges to navigate in order to create a better installation process. These challenges led us to take a completely different approach to solving this problem. In this blog post, we’ll describe some of these challenges and detail technical aspects of the new installation process coming next month.

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Meet Teamstudio’s Sales and Marketing Team

February 29, 2016

If you’ve ever contacted us for a demo, quote, or more information for a solution, you’ve worked with a member of our sales team. Here’s an up-close look at our product and service experts.


Dan Colbert – Vice President of Global Sales and Board Member

Dan leads Teamstudio’s sales and marketing team. In 2003, he joined the Teamstudio start-up venture Enerjy Software and built the sales organization in North America from the ground up. Currently, Dan is responsible for global direct and channel sales of all Teamstudio products. Dan has played a key role in helping clients implement software development best practices and define mobile application strategies. In addition to his experience at Teamstudio, Dan has seven years of experience working with IT organizations as a staffing consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan, College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

Twitter: @dannycolbert

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Teamstudio Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New Product

February 1, 2016

This week at IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando, Florida we’re celebrating 20 years in business. Our inauguration took place at that show’s predecessor, Lotusphere, in 1996. Over the past 20 years, we have built and maintained an expanding suite of software tools for organizations using IBM Notes and Domino.

As an increasing number of companies using Notes and Domino consolidate, modernize, or consider alternative platforms, they are looking to understand the true business usage of their applications so they can make informed decisions for the future.

At the same conference where we first debuted our company 20 years ago, we’re announcing a new, modern tool to help with this increasing need for detailed insight into an organization’s application environment. This tool, Usage Auditor, captures business usage history across an entire Notes and Domino environment, so users have the information they need to remove unused applications and move into the future with confidence.

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All about the IBM Champions Program

January 7, 2016 

The IBM Champions Program recognizes and rewards thought leaders in the technical community who advocate for the professionals who use IBM solutions and services. The program has been running every year since 2008. There are currently five categories that collectively represent the spectrum of IBM technologies: IBM Analytics, IBM Social Business, IBM Power Systems, Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, and Systems Middleware. For the most part, individuals are only champions in one of these categories. Champions amplify IBM’s voice and influence the category to which they belong.

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Improve Your XPages Knowledge in 10 Minutes

December 17, 2015

We get a lot of good XPages questions from attendees during our monthly webinars with TLCC. Read through the list of 10 questions and answers below to improve your XPages knowledge in 10 minutes.

Q: Does the document data source have to be passed as a custom property to a custom control, or can you update the data source defined on the main XPage without passing it as a property?

A: You can pass in a document data source as a property in the custom control, which can be very helpful when you’re designing custom controls and don’t want to hard code in the name of the data source. The custom control can affect a data source above it. You don’t have to pass it in as a property. If you have something above it in the tree, the custom control should be able to see that and affect the data, but it won’t go the other way. You can’t define a data source on the custom control and access it from the calling XPage.

Thanks to Howard Greenberg, Mike McGarel, and David Leedy for this answer.

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How to Begin IBM Notes and Domino Development

December 4, 2015

Properly implementing development policies can be just as difficult as actually creating the applications. Traditionally, one of the biggest roadblocks to policy adoption is people, not the process. This isn’t intended as a criticism of the developers themselves, and is more the customs prevalent in the Domino development community.

The Domino applications many businesses have come to depend on may have started life as a simple automation of an existing manual paper process. IBM Notes and Domino have always had the admirable ability to allow development to happen at every level in the organization. Creating simple Domino applications has never been hard. This blog post isn’t intended to cover every aspect of good development polices, but more to give you a place to start on day one. Once you have the ball rolling with the basics, the rest of the policy areas will begin to fall into place. Remember that adopting IT governance policies doesn't happen overnight. It’s a cumulative process, which builds on achievements made year after year.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the IBM Notes Design Lifecycle Stage

November 18, 2015

Design policies are where the technical blueprint of the system is created. Designing the technical architecture and choosing among the architectural designs of software, hardware, and infrastructure that best suit the organization’s current and future needs creates this blueprint. This includes everything from designing the systems model, to graphically creating a model from a graphical user interface (GUI), to GUI screen design and databases, to placement of objects on the screen. Explore the collection of blog posts below to optimize the design stage of your IBM Notes application lifecycle.

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