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Build Management System


Fast, consistent, one-click builds

Build Manager has an automatic, scripted build process and provides a full audit trail, which is automatically stored in the database. Automation is the key to efficiency, and ensures that a file is properly configured for the next stage with the right ACLs, database properties, and agent settings.


Safe, automated database signing

Tired of databases getting signed with an incorrect ID due to manual error? Build Manager uses a stored ID and doesn’t violate the segregation of duties policy. You can store one ID for the entire build, or assign multiple IDs for different purposes. Authority is clearly defined to ensure a strict separation of duties, with a streamlined approval process that includes up to five levels of approval.


Automated design rollback for when things go wrong

View available versions of a database through a template registry. This is basically a repository of different versions of databases that are stored based on the environment they're currently in. This feature provides rollback capability. So, if there's an issue with the database in production, we can roll back to the last working template that's in test.


Audit trail of actions ensures compliance with internal policies and external regulations

As an application moves along the promotion path, Build Manager automatically generates a Promotion Log documenting the success or failure of each step in a promotion. The Promotion Log provides an audit trail that can demonstrate compliance with both internal policies and external regulations.


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Promotion Path

Build Manager shows a promotion path of databases by project.

Demo Video

See examples of specific steps Build Manager can automate in a build process, watch the tool generate an audit trail of promotions, and more.


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Data Sheet

View or download a one-page data sheet for Teamstudio Build Manager.


Case Studies

“Before we installed Build Manager, our promotion process would take about an hour and required several steps. We can now move a change — backing up, compiling, signing and promoting — with the push of a single button.”
— Adam Morgan, Superior Technical Resources
“Build Manager and CIAO! are very easy to use once you have them set up, and the training was well worth the time. Build Manager provides a clear view of everything. As a result, I am no longer the bottleneck!”
— Judy Headrick, Cascade Corporation
“Our developers and administrators are very pleased with Teamstudio Build Manager. It’s an excellent support for our work because it does what it is supposed to do, and our customers are thrilled that we can so quickly and easily implement the special features they need.”
— Sven Petri, KRZN
“Our cost case was based on the time we expected to save for our developers and administrators. With approximately 500 recorded deployments a year, we estimated a return of £20,000 over three years when we were justifying the expenditure. Our subsequent experience has shown that a rough estimate of actual time saved within the business suggests savings of approximately £100,000 over three years.”
— Standard Life


Contact us to schedule a demo, request pricing info, or just learn more about Teamstudio Build Manager.