Client Overview

As a department of the United States Federal Government, this Federal Credit Union has more than 2.8 million members and manages nearly $30 billion in assets.

Business Challenge

Over the past several years, this client has developed more than 2,000 applications using Notes. They were using an older version of Notes, and IBM’s support policies required them to upgrade to a more recent version in order to remain under support. They were already short on development resources, so looking at an upgrade of 2,000 applications was a daunting task. The client knew there were unique criteria built into many of these applications, but locating those instances was going to be extremely time consuming. And because these applications were developed over several years, potential upgrade issues were unpredictable from one application to the next.

The Teamstudio Solution

The client contacted Teamstudio to discuss their project. After speaking with the client and providing several options, Teamstudio was asked to analyze all of their client’s applications to identify potential upgrade issues. The analysis included the use of Teamstudio’s Upgrade Filters to quickly and thoroughly search all of their databases in order to identify potential migration challenges. The Asset Analysis also included searches of all databases for unique criteria that might create problems when moving to the later version of Notes.


Teamstudio asset management and analysis services combined with Upgrade Filters provided the client with resources they didn’t have. By taking advantage of some of the Teamstudio solutions, the analysis of more than 2,000 databases was completed in days instead of weeks, and without the errors one would expect with a manual process. The result was a savings of more than $65,000 over the life of the database analysis and migration project across all of the applications. The analysis enabled the client to upgrade their applications easily and without the surprises frequently experienced during this type of work. The smooth upgrade process also resulted in greater customer satisfaction from their install base of users.