Client Overview

As a publicly traded, global leader in the exchange of business critical information headquartered in the U.K., this client provides solutions in more than 60 countries through direct channels and through 1,200 authorized partners.

Business Challenge

This large high technology company found their IBM Notes developers had become very inefficient in developing new applications. Their analysis found that although they had an IT governance policy of code reuse, developers were rewriting existing code about 20% of the time. Application code and code snippets were stored in multiple locations, making it difficult for developers to find. Furthermore, they were unsure as to the quality of the code since it was not stored in a central repository of known good code.

The Teamstudio Solution

The client had previously done work with a leading consulting firm using Teamstudio solutions. The client’s IT team discussed several options before contacting Teamstudio to discuss possible solutions. After meeting with Teamstudio, the client decided to create a central repository of known good code and code snippets that could be accessed by all developers, regardless of location.

After a brief demo of the product to determine product capabilities and a customer reference call, the client agreed with the recommendation that Teamstudio Design Manager was the solution to their development challenge. This solution also included a change in process for the development team. Code snippets would have to be stored in a centralized location so that all developers would have access to the code for potential reuse. This solution allowed the client to build a library of good code and code snippets for later use.


Design Manager helped the client turn their desired policy of code reuse into a reality. The centralized location simplified the search for working code that might be reused in several ways. By having a centralized location of known good code, the client was able to locate possible code candidates for reuse quickly. Developers now spend minimal time verifying the quality of the code since it came from a location containing known good code.

The time savings and resulting cost savings were measurable and specific. The client also reported an increase in overall efficiencies for the Notes development team. The introduction of automation resulted in higher quality applications, since much of the human error was eliminated.