Client Overview

Based in Brazil, Petrobras has 112 production centers in 28 countries and produces just under 2,000,000 barrels of oil and natural gas each day. It is the fourth largest energy company in the world.

Business Challenge

The IT department at Petrobras needed to set a goal to achieve ISO certification. As such, they had to create a development process for their IBM Notes and Domino environment that complied with the requirements of ISO certification.

In order to meet their goal, the team knew they had to make some significant changes to their development process. Given that they were responsible for maintaining more than 200 applications, and were adding new development projects all the time, they needed to:

  • Standardize code development

  • Automate some aspects of their development process

  • Implement version control of design elements and applications

  • Determine a process for segregation of duties

In addition, although it was important to the team to ensure the development of high quality applications, they did not want the process to hinder their ability to develop those applications rapidly.

The Teamstudio Solution

Teamstudio met with professionals from the Petrobras development and quality control teams, and helped them create the customized development process they were looking for. An integral part of the project was the implementation of Teamstudio CIAO! System, Analyzer, Delta, and Configurator. Together, the Teamstudio and Petrobras teams created a standardized development process that could be controlled and tracked from beginning to end.

Teamstudio CIAO! enabled version control of design elements and applications, thus ensuring the integrity of the database design. CIAO! was also used to create an audit trail of any changes made to the database, making the development process completely traceable.

Analyzer and Delta were used to provide ongoing auditing and code revisions at various phases of the development process, thereby ensuring standardization and code quality.

Finally, the team used Configurator’s search-and-replace functionality to significantly reduce the time it took to maintain their application designs, reducing user frustration.

Because all development projects are now traceable from beginning to end, the members of the company’s compliance department who were not familiar with Notes/Domino development at the time are now able to easily certify application compliance with company standards. They are also able to confirm that changes promoted to production are exactly as requested by the users.


Overall, the team now enjoys a consistent and traceable development process that is 100% in line with the requirements of ISO compliance. The quality of their applications has improved, and they’ve seen a significant reduction in instances of human error. Petrobras estimates that their new, standardized process has reduced their development time by 20%. As a result, they are currently looking into additional Teamstudio solutions, including Teamstudio Build Manager, to further enhance and streamline their development environment.

“We never imagined it could be possible to simplify both our audit process and code revision. What we do in a matter of minutes today used to take us days of manual work!”
— Rafael Nunez Armada, Petrobras