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General Notes

Teamstudio Export is supported on workstations running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. To create archives, you must also have a Notes client 8.5 or above installed.

Installation Instructions

Step One:

Click here to read the installation instructions.

Step Two:

Click this button to download the Teamstudio Export installer.

Export 3.0 Beta

Export 3.0 represents a huge step forward for the product, adding the ability to preview Notes forms within the HTML archive. To try the beta (full license key required), click the button below. Remember to uninstall the previous version of Export before installing the 3.0 beta. The 3.0 beta documentation is still under development, but the latest version is available here. Please send any feedback on the beta to

Need a License Key?

Contact us to talk about how we can get you up and running with Teamstudio Export.


Current Release: 2.2.0
Released: May 8, 2019


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