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LotusScript Performance Profiler

Reveals performance issues by timing each line of LotusScript

Profiler lets you see, at a glance, how every line of your LotusScript is performing, so you can effectively pinpoint bottlenecks without the need for manual testing.

Eliminates the inefficiency of trial-and-error troubleshooting

Profiler presents performance data in a simple bar chart, so you can scan a report and quickly locate the laggards in your script. No manual timing statements. No stopwatches.

Helps prevent problem code from being reused in other apps

Profiler’s comprehensive reporting gives you the peace of mind (and proof) that every line of code has been tested, and that flawed script won’t plague future generations of an application.

Reduces the risk of application glitches reaching production

Used during testing or development, Profiler greatly improves the likelihood that problems are eradicated before they hit production, resulting in solid, efficient applications that do everyone proud.
*Teamstudio Profiler only supports Domino 32-bit servers.

View Results

Profiler presents performance data in a clear, easy to understand format.

Demo Video

See how to compare two functions for speed, time each line of code, and more with this performance monitoring tool for HCL Notes and Domino.

Data Sheet

View or download a one-page data sheet for Teamstudio Profiler.


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