Teamstudio Build Manager

Teamstudio Build Manager

Build Automation System

  • Fast, consistent, one-click builds
  • Audit trail of actions ensures compliance with internal policies/external regulations
  • Controlled promotions via approval process with multiple approval levels
  • Safe, automated database signing during build process
  • Design rollback for when things go wrong


Getting your application from development to production shouldn’t be an adventure. Teamstudio Build Manager provides a framework for organizing, managing, and automating the build process so that every build is consistently efficient, secure, and predictable.

Automation ensures that a file is properly configured for the next stage with the right ACLs, database properties, and agent settings. Combined with Build Manager’s signing flexibility, automation allows individuals unassociated with the development project to perform a build with little or no assistance.


Make good practice a reality.

Build Manager makes good practice standard operating procedure by incorporating the development habits that produce successful, repeatable results.

In Build Manager, the path to production is carefully laid out. Authority is clearly defined to ensure a strict separation of duties, with a streamlined approval process that includes up to five levels of approval.

Using Build Manager Administration functions, you can store IDs, ACLs and server names in the product to help automate the build process. This allows individuals not associated with the development project to perform a build with little or no intervention. This allows you to define who can and cannot deploy an application. With Build Manager, you can store one ID for the entire build, or assign multiple IDs for different purposes. Signing without direct access to the signer is also possible.

Teamstudio Build Manager Promotion Path

Build Manager Promotion Path (click image to enlarge)

As an application moves along the promotion path, Build Manager automatically generates a Promotion Log documenting the success or failure of each step in a promotion. The Promotion Log provides an audit trail that can demonstrate compliance with both internal policies and external regulations.


Faster, Simpler, Easier to Manage

Automation is the key to efficiency. Build Manager makes it easy to automate the build process by predefining each action performed on the target application before or after it gets promoted to a new server. The program includes macros for even greater automation.

And Build Manager makes it easier to organize and manage your applications through a variety of views. The views enable you to sort through many databases quickly for easier access. View-specific action buttons are automatically displayed to speed your work.


Enhanced Capabilities

Use Build Manager with other Teamstudio tools for expanded capabilities: