Ever Wondered What Those Other Tools Do? Get a Free Trial to Find Out!

By Dan Colbert

Have you ever wondered what those other Teamstudio tools do? If you are a user of one or two of our suite of development tools for IBM Notes and Domino application developers, you’ll know that the installer includes the whole suite of eight desktop tools. (For the record, they’re Analyzer, Configurator, CIAO!, Delta, Design Manager, Profiler, Undo and Validator.) And so you’ll see buttons installed for all eight tools, even if you’ve only bought one.


If you’ve ever wondered what the others do, or hankered to try them out to see if they’d be useful, then here’s something you’ll be interested in.

For a limited time, we’re offering you the opportunity to get a free trial of any of the desktop Notes development tools. To find out how, keep reading. But meanwhile, if you’re wondering what the other tools do, here’s your handy-dandy pocket guide to the Teamstudio Developer Tools for Notes in brief:

Analyzer Logo.png

Database Design Analysis Tool

Analyzer exhaustively documents every corner of your database design and then gives you all the information you need to maintain the database and ensure that it’s running optimally.

CIAO Logo.png

Source Code Control System

The only source code control system specifically for IBM Notes and Domino. Check-in/check-out prevents save conflicts; creates detailed change history.

Configurator Logo.png

Automated Global Search and Replace

Find and replace virtually any string in designs and documents. Avoid wasting (expensive) developer time on menial tasks and eliminate the risk and consequences of manual activities.

Delta Logo@2x.png

Database Comparison and Merge Tool

Pinpoint the differences between databases or templates. Find and fix discrepancies between development and production copies. Ensure that customizations are retained during upgrades, and safely merge branched designs.

Design Manager Logo.png

Component Library Management System

Easily reuse elements and maintain dependencies. Automatically copy dependent elements to target databases, and analyze the impact of potential template changes.

Profiler Logo.png

LotusScript Performance Profiler

Reveals performance issues by timing each line of LotusScript. Eliminates the inefficiency of trial-and-error troubleshooting, and reduces the risk of application glitches reaching production.

Undo Logo.png

Configurable Rollback Tool

Easily revert to a previously saved version. Pick and choose which previous version you want, and avoid the clutter of manually saved files.

Validator Logo.png

Database Auditing and Reporting Tool

Documents differences between data and design. Quickly identifies broken doc links and URLs, and easily uncovers orphan documents and agent data notes.

If you want to try out any of these tools for free, just click below. We’ll be happy to send you a trial key so you can find out what the other tools do first hand!