Hot Fall Offers on Teamstudio Tools to Warm You Up!

By Dan Colbert

Up here in New England, the leaves are falling and the nights are getting frosty. But here at Teamstudio, we have some hot offers running between now and the end of the year to warm you up!

Nobody understands the value of software tools better than we do. We got into the tools business in 1995, and since then, through our conversations with literally thousands of happy clients, we’ve learned how much time, energy, frustration and money they save people.

If that sounds like tooting our own horn, keep in mind that it’s not just us. You could say the same thing about most software development tools. There are many, many tools available in the software world, and there are even several other tools vendors operating in the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino arena. If a tools vendor has been around for more than 20 years, it’s a pretty safe bet that their products will deliver some value.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Most of our customers are maintaining existing Notes and Domino applications. Some are building new applications on the platform. And others are migrating away and archiving their Notes and Domino data. For those who are developing or maintaining Notes and Domino applications, it really pains us to see people not using tools.

We understand that, in the current climate, budgets are tight. Especially when it comes to maintaining older applications, it’s often hard to justify any capital investment in tools, even if the payback period is a matter of days or even hours. And so we got to thinking about how we could get more tools in the hands of more developers without breaking the budget, but in a way that also makes commercial sense for us.

Like most software vendors, our tools are licensed based on an annual subscription, with the second and subsequent year's subscriptions being priced significantly lower than the first. Despite the unusually high return on investment, even in the first year, that does imply a higher cost of entry than some organizations, especially where Notes and Domino is in decline as an application platform, are prepared to pay.

To address that issue, we are offering, for a limited period, the opportunity for existing Teamstudio users to add additional tools from our suite at discounted prices on the first year’s subscription. 

For anyone (whether you’re a customer or not) who is interested in sampling our tools, we’re also introducing a “try before you buy” offer. Subject to your circumstances and needs, we’ll make a trial version (with full functionality but time-limited) of our tools available for you to test out before committing to a purchase. If you need to make an internal case to be able to buy tools, this is a way to prove that the tool will provide the return that you’re looking for before having to make a purchase commitment.

Of course, our dream is to see every IBM Lotus Notes and Domino developer fully equipped with all the tools they could need. We’re hoping that these offers will help us, and you, move one or two steps closer to that goal.

For a full explanation of how these offers work, and to discuss your specific needs, you can email me at, or click the button below. We’re always happy to talk!