IBM Answers Your IBM Notes and Domino, and XPages Questions

During our Nov. 3 webinar with TLCC, attendees had the opportunity to ask Barry Rosen, Martin Donnelley, Uffe Sorensen, and Adam Kesner of IBM questions about XPages and the IBM Notes and Domino Roadmap. The answers to those questions are listed here alphabetically by the first name of the asker. All answers come directly from IBM.


Q: Are there any plans to upgrade XPages implementation to JSF 2.0?
A: XPages was initially built on JSF 1.0.1. Since then, numerous JSF specification features and other XPages specific JSF related features have been incorporated into XPages. A comparison of the feature set of XPages versus the specification feature set of JSF2.0 reveals that XPages is as flexible and feature rich (if not more so) than its counterpart.

Q: Will it be possible to have a hybrid system? Could we deploy Verse while still using Notes email? I would like to slowly introduce Verse, so it would be good to have a few people working on Verse for a while before switching everyone over at once.
A: Yes. Verse is a web interface for your Notes mail, so a user can choose to use Verse or the Notes client to access their mail.

Q: Why are extension library updates slowing down? There were nine in 2014, five in 2015, and, at this point, only one in 2016. That is not promising for XPages developers.
A: The XPages team has been focused on the new Feature Pack delivery model and Java 8 upgrades. The advent of Feature Packs means we must integrate content from ExtLib and the latest XPages core stream, build new install handlers to support multiple JVMs, etc. This work directly impacts our capacity to deliver new feature updates for ExtLib on

Q1: Does anyone have the product manager role that Pete Janzen had?
A1: You can work with Barry Rosen.
Q2: To run Verse On-Premises, how many physical (or VM) servers are needed (Domino, Connections, Verse)?
A2: It just needs a Connections environment and Domino server.

Q: With the Feature Packs delivery model, will current release Feature Packs contain previous Feature Packs' features, or do I have to install Feature Pack 7 before I can install Feature Pack 8?
A: They are always cumulative.

Q: The most affected area of XPages is data grids (probably Dojo) where the lazy loading is killing. Are there any upgrades on possibilities for an agile data grid with inline quick filtering / sorting?
A: IBM is reviewing the data grid area but no details or plan can be shared at this point in time. Your feedback is appreciated in this area.

Q: Does Verse On-Premises run beside my Domino 9.0.1 server, or does it install on top of my 9.0.1 server?
A: It runs on top of your current server.

Q: What software will be installed for Verse On-Premises? Domino add-on? Mail template? Connections? Will it require any additional hardware?
A: Verse On-Premises will be a .zip file, and configuration instructions will be included. You have to be running Domino 9.0.1 FP 7+. No additional hardware is required.

Q: There used to be a lot of talk of Notes/iNotes feature parity. Is that no longer a desired path?
A: Verse On-Premises is the path for webmail.

Q1: What about external view indexes?
A1: External view indexes are being considered for a future Feature Pack.
Q2: Is there any programming possibility with Verse?
A2: Verse is a web app, and we are building in extensibility to allow you to integrate it with your own solution.

Q: Can we run Verse On-Premises and use cloud connections, and not the Connections On-Premises?
A: Verse On-Premises must be run with Connections On-Premises.

Q: Does the commitment to 2021 go for the Notes client as well as the Domino server, or are they trying to move away from the rich client?
A: The commitment is for both the Notes client and Domino server.

John A.:
Q1: Does the Eclipse upgrade mean an upgraded Designer client?
A1: Currently, there is not a plan for a new Designer client.
Q2: Any plans for a Designer client on Mac?
A2: Currently, there is not a plan for a Designer client on Mac.

John B.:
Q: You mentioned that Bootstrap in XPages was a popular feature on OpenNTF. There are other JavaScript frameworks providing responsive designs. Do you know of any work integrating other JavaScript frameworks such as OpenUI5?
A: IBM are not planning or working on any other responsive frameworks for XPages other than Bootstrap. Third-party implementations of other responsive frameworks may be available.

John D.:
Q1: We have an issue with iNotes not working correctly with IE 11. Will that be fixed?
A1: Please call support and open a PMR.
Q2: What will be done to expand the shrinking Notes/Domino user base?
A2: We are working on strategies to improve application modernization.

John R.:
Q1: Can customers continue to run the existing R9 Mail template after Verse On-Premises is released? Are there any plans to retire the existing template?
A1: Yes.
Q2: Does Verse On-Premises require Connections 5.5, or is that optional?
A2: Connections 5.5 CR1 is optional, but highly recommended since it is needed to get the full benefit of Verse.
Q3: ICAA is now a Notes client. The Utility Server License Agreement says Cals are not needed for browser access. Client access needs a CAL. Barry indicated in an email sent to me via Passport Adv. that ICCA is free for Utility Servers, as it replaced the browser plugin. Is there any plan to change the server license agreement? Right now, ICAA seems to be a contradiction to the existing server license agreement.
A3: ICAA is entitled with Utility Server. We can only change the li with a new release.

Q: What's the short list of requirements to use the Verse Mobile App?
A: Please view the detailed system requirements here.

Q: What will happen with Notes Language Versions in the new roadmap?
A: All current languages will be supported in the Feature Packs.

Q: December is quite close. Can you be a little more specific on the GA of Verse On-Premises?
A: It will be the first half of December.

Q: Will both the Notes client and Designer get an upgrade to Eclipse 4.x, or just Designer?
A: Both will get an upgrade.

Q: Will Domino be supported on RedHat in the future? (RedHat on zLinux)
A: There are no plans for new platforms to be added at this time.

Q: Is there any expectation for XPages to go to 2.0 JSF?
A: XPages was initially built on JSF 1.0.1. Since then, numerous JSF specification features and other XPages specific JSF related features have been incorporated into XPages. A comparison of the feature set of XPages versus the specification feature set of JSF2.0 reveals that XPages is as flexible and feature rich (if not more so) than its counterpart.

Q: Can we get Microsoft Outlook support for Domino for IBM?
A: There are no plans for new platforms to be added at this time.

Q: Why not commit to supporting each Feature Pack for five years? It still sounds like the product is finished in five years.
A: We announced support through at least five years. Feature Packs will not restart the support clock.

Michael Bo.:
Q: Will "app modernization" concern current tools and extend/upgrade them, or will it bring completely new stuff?
A: We are currently working on the strategy of how we will do "app modernization." We are focused on making sure we do it right and provide a good solution to assist customers with modernizing their applications.

Michael Bu.:
Q1: I am unable to identify the IP address of my Verse server in the cloud. Notes seems to be doing things under the covers, so I am unable to identify the IP address. How can I get the IP address of my Verse server?
A1: Since this is a cloud application, the IP address may change based on server availability.
Q2: Will we be able to get custom views in Verse?
A2: Currently, custom views are not available in Verse.

Q: Will Verse On-Premises be released for iSeries in December 2016?
A: Verse will work with Domino 9.0.1 Fixpack 7+ (64 bits Windows/Linux).

Q: Will Verse be supported in a Citrix environment?
A: It depends on what you are doing with Citrix.

Q: Will new/updated Designer be a plugin for Eclipse?
A: IBM has no plan to provide a new/updated Domino Designer as a standalone Eclipse plugin at this time. Any new/updated Domino Designer would be built upon a recent Eclipse IDE version complete with all other related Domino Designer classic features.

Q: Will there be a Windows 64 bit client?
A: Currently, there is not a plan for a Windows 64 bit client.

Q1: When will the following configuration/integration be available (if ever): IBM Verse On-Premises + IBM Connections Cloud? Otherwise, there is little sense to have dual-entitlement subscription (Connections Cloud) AND email On-Premises (which we still want to keep locally onsite). Or, is it only On-Premises/On-Premises, or Cloud/Cloud pair? I've seen it on one of the slides today, but nobody focused on it.
A1: Currently, Verse On-Premises works only with Connections On-Premises.
Q2: Since IBM Verse is a web-based app, will we be able to use AD/LDAP for auth?
A2: Yes, it may not be out of the box, you will be able to do that.

Q: How about support on a MacOS? There are still some gray areas, I believe.
A: Verse will work with Domino 9.0.1 Fixpack 7+ (64 bits Windows/Linux).

Q: Are there any plans, or does 1.8 deliver a comprehensive debug environment?
A: Currently, there are no plans for a comprehensive debug environment.

Q1: How can we easily build a four level workflow using XPages since it’s getting very difficult when it comes to coding level and XPages hags up frequently? Also, we are having tutorials available from net. Kindly throw us some light on developing XPages development in an easy manner, and also we need hands on experience on it.
A1: Try “Mastering XPages, Second Edition” from IBM Press, coupled with related practicals and workshops/sessions from
Q2: In continuation, how can we satisfy the clients with having mobile app using Lotus Domino?
A2: XPages can be used to make mobile apps. We are also investigating in other ways to modernize applications. We want to make sure we do this correctly, and currently, are just in the investigation phase. Using XPages Responsive features that utilize responsive Bootstrap for web and mobile rendering enables one code base to render to both platforms.

Q: How would Verse mail look in the rich client vs. the web?
A: The rich client would stay the same. Verse is just a new web interface.

Q: Can we expect an administrator/Designer client to be available for MacOS?
A: Currently, there is not a plan for a designer on MacOS.

Q: Is a robust SSJS debugger being considered?
A: A SSJS debugger was introduced in Domino Designer 9.0.

Q: In which version will the "moving views outside of the NSF" occur?
A: We are still working on determining what functionality will fit into each Feature Pack.

Q: Are there any plans for increasing the size of the 64GB limit for NSF files?
A: The doc summary limit is on the list to be in a future Feature Pack to increase the limit from 64K to 16MB. There is also an item to move views outside of the NSF, which will increase NSF storage. We are still working on sizing to determine which Feature Packs these will be in.

Q: Currently, on 9.0.1, there is a limitation of 64GB per NSF. Will this limitation be changed in the next FP/Verse On-Premises?
A: We are still working on determining what functionality will fit into each Feature Pack.

Q1: Will we be able to build XPages using a Mac?
A1: IBM has no plan to provide an XPages development environment for Mac.
Q2: Will we be able to use our On-Premises or Verse address book to authenticate users for XPages on Bluemix applications?
A2. XPages on Bluemix facilitates accessing an On-Premises server/address book using the XPages on Bluemix Hybrid feature, as documented in the online documentation.
Q3: Will we be able to adopt Bluemix DevOps with XPages development on Bluemix?
A3: Refer to the XPages Fusion application and supporting documentation for an example of leveraging Bluemix DevOps.

Q: Will you update the OSGi framework?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the APIs for using Verse with Connections 5.5 installed on the Domino server or the Connections WAS server?
A: All items needed for Verse On-Premises are installed on the Domino server. Nothing is installed on the Connections side.

Q1: Is Verse a "responsive web application" or a "mobile app?”
A1: There is a mobile application for Andriod and iOS. It also is accessed on the web from a desktop.
Q2: Can the client utilize Verse on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices including phones and tablets of various form factors?
A2: Yes. Verse has a mobile application that is downloaded and used for iOS and Android. Windows users would use the web browser within Windows mobile.

Q: I heard that there were plans to release Java sources for some parts of the XPages platform. Was this initiative abandoned?
A: Java source files have been publically released and made available as part of the regular XPages Extension Library kit.


Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar and asked questions. Some questions were answered verbally at the end of the webinar. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, or if you would like to review the session, please view the recording. Please direct all further IBM-related inquiries to IBM. If your inquiry is regarding a current ICS offering, such as IMSMO, ICAA, or Notes and Domino, please contact IBM support and open a PMR. If you have a question or suggestion regarding future offerings, please contact Barry Rosen at

We kindly thank Barry, Martin, Uffe, and Adam at IBM for taking the time to present this webinar and answer questions.



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