Teamstudio NotesTools Edition 32.0 Now Available

We’re thrilled to announce that this week we’ve released Teamstudio NotesTools Edition 32.0. In addition to fixing a number of bugs, this release includes significant upgrades to a number of internal tools and components. While many of these upgrades aren’t directly visible to the user, they were required to ensure that we continue to base our products on reliable, supported components. One of the most notable upgrades is a new installer based on Microsoft Windows technology.

Microsoft Windows Installer
We’re aware that a number of users have had significant problems with the widget and MSI installers. Starting with 32.0 Beta 3, the widget and MSI installers are no longer available, and instead, we have a new installer based on Microsoft Windows installer technology. Some benefits of this new installer are:

  • More accurate detection of Notes program, data, and notes.ini folders,
  • Customizable locations for Notes folders - if the installer doesn’t locate them correctly, then you can edit them during the installation,
  • A single installer for all Teamstudio client tools,
  • Full compatibility with Windows 10 security, including administrator access and UAC,
  • A single file download.

NotesTools Edition 32.0 includes the following products:

  • Analyzer
  • CIAO!
  • Configurator
  • Delta
  • Design Manager
  • Profiler
  • Undo
  • Validator

If you own one or more of these products, head to the product downloads page to download the latest version. If you own more than one product, you now only have to download the .exe file from our website once. Then, when installing Edition 32.0, you'll be prompted for a license key for each product you’re licensed to use.

Other updates relate to documentation, symbol files, a Unicode UI update, and a Configurator UI update. For more details, the complete fix list, and directions before upgrading, please read the release notes and installation guide. We will continue to make enhancements to our suite of tools for IBM Notes and Domino and we welcome any suggestions.