Client Overview

A publicly traded, global transportation company headquartered in Europe with revenues of nearly EUR 10 billion and 140,000 employees worldwide.

Business Challenge

This large transportation company has a distributed development environment for their Notes applications. Because they lacked an enforcement mechanism, the client’s developers failed to consistently follow standard naming conventions across development organizations. Testing for compliance in the client’s environment was a manual process prone to errors and oversights and very time-consuming, reducing the amount of time developers could spend on writing new applications.

The Teamstudio Solution

The client installed Teamstudio Analyzer to automate the process of reviewing new application code during the testing phase of application development. Analyzer is used during testing to ensure standard naming conventions are used within each application. The client initially used Analyzer only against new development work, but quickly realized the benefits of running it against all of their database designs to ensure compliance with their naming conventions.

Although the initial concern was complying with naming conventions, the client quickly expanded the use of Analyzer to include an analysis of Form titles and properties including options, background colors and fonts, and form components. By automating this process they can examine completely the design of their applications.


With the implementation of Teamstudio Analyzer, this client was able to automate the task of analyzing their portfolio of Lotus Notes applications across the organization to test for standard naming convention compliance as well as design properties and attributes.

The automation of this analysis has decreased their fault resolution time by up to 50%, while significantly reducing the number of issues inadvertently deployed to production. Furthermore, they now perform a more thorough analysis of the application while in the test environment. Even with a more comprehensive analysis, the applications are getting through the testing phase in 75% of the time.

This analysis has also allowed the client to get all of their previously developed Notes applications in compliance with their standard naming conventions, dramatically improving the quality of their production applications. Using Analyzer on new Notes applications allows them to be deployed more quickly and virtually free from design errors, significantly enhancing the user experience.