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Database Design Analysis Tool


Documents your database design

Developing and maintaining a complex Notes database design is challenging. In many cases, most of the HCL Notes application design knowledge is in the heads of a few developers, and sometimes those developers are no longer with the organization. Analyzer can be run at any time to provide an accurate and timely overview of all aspects of a database design.


Highlights functional dependencies within the design

One of the biggest challenges developers face is maintaining an old code base, especially one that's been written by other people who may no longer be around to help. Fixing one problem can cause others elsewhere in the code if you don't know what the dependencies are. Analyzer quickly shows you.


Verifies compliance with design standards and spotlights problem areas

Many organizations are now outsourcing all or part of their development teams. Many Notes applications have been around for a long time, and many people have had their hands on the code. The more people who are involved, the more need there is to implement and enforce coding standards. Even something as simple as a naming convention can avoid many problems when the app is in maintenance mode. Analyzer can quickly identify code changes that don't comply with standards to avoid problems down the road.


Indexes every property in your design in a separate HCL Notes database

Analyzer works by reading the design of your Notes database or template. It then creates a separate Notes database that represents the design. The resulting “analysis output” database contains a separate document for each design element (such as a form, view, subform, or field) with fields that represent each property or attribute of that design element. This database can be searched, or views and reports can be created to highlight potential issues before the application is deployed.

Analysis Results File

Analyzer exhaustively documents every corner of your database design and then gives you all the information you need to maintain the database and ensure that it’s running optimally.

Demo Video

Watch Analyzer show exactly what's in a database design.

Data Sheet

View or download a one-page data sheet for Teamstudio Analyzer.


Case Studies

“This product paid for itself on day one.”
— Doug Finner, Elbit Systems
“Teamstudio Analyzer helped me do the job that was expected more quickly and efficiently than I could have on my own, and I kept my boss out of the target zone.”
— Dick Whetstone, Commonwealth of Virginia
“Teamstudio products give me an edge in delivering application and administrative results in shorter timeframes and with more accurate results. Whether it’s the ability to break down an application into a searchable library with Analyzer or fixing a design in hundreds of spots in seconds with Configurator, I won’t be caught in a critical moment without my toolkit (I prefer to say weapons) from Teamstudio.”
— Paul Grottoli, Virtual Improvement Company, Inc.