Map a forward path for your IBM Notes apps based on comprehensive data analytics.


Systematically scans your Domino servers and database designs

Adviser’s comprehensive, detailed analysis provides you with a complete list of your users, groups, applications, and templates. It reveals the true business usage of these applications and ranks their complexity.


Presents complex, sophisticated data in a simple and intuitive web interface

Adviser's UI is a web application and is hosted on a Domino server. The controls are interactive and intuitive, and much of the data is presented in graphical form.


Provides the ability to export Adviser data to CSV

Export data from Adviser’s Catalog, Usage, Complexity, and Guidance Modules to comma-separated value (CSV) files for further reporting and analysis. Examples of reports available for export include all databases with complexity totals, all users with usage totals, all databases with their guidance recommendation, and all log entries.


Simplifies the decision-making process surrounding your existing Domino servers and Notes applications

Uncertainty about what to do with highly customized, native Notes applications is common. Adviser's Guidance module instructs whether each application should be maintained or rewritten, archived, retired, or replaced.


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