The guidance module brings together information from all the other modules to make a recommendation on a forward path for each database. Its recommendation is based on a combination of the application usage, the design complexity, and the business value of each database. You may also override the recommendation in cases where you already have a plan for a given database.

The guidance module’s recommendation will be one of four options:

  • Retain: The application needs to be maintained or rewritten on a new platform. This can be a lengthy and expensive course of action and is only recommended for applications with very high business value and usage.
  • Archive: The application contains valuable data that should still be available to your users, but a read-only archive is probably enough.
  • Retire: The application can be backed up based on your data retention requirements, and removed.
  • Generic: The application can be replaced with an off-the-shelf product. Simple discussion databases or document libraries are an excellent example of generic applications.

Armed with this information, you can confidently begin rewriting, archiving, retiring, or replacing your applications.