“Catalog Scan and Usage Auditor have been extremely useful in finding all the applications (databases) in our environment, along with tracking vital usage information on each application. This information can then be consolidated from each server and extracted to create a usage metric, thus allowing us to make informed decisions in regards to what applications stay and which ones should be removed.”
— George Bartha, Unifrax
“In order to make decisions about the future of its Domino environment, one customer contracted us for an audit of their Notes applications landscape. Thanks to Teamstudio Adviser, not only were we able to complete a comprehensive analysis of hundreds of databases in record time, its built-in reports and graphics made presenting our findings to client representatives with no Notes/Domino background an easy task.”
— Mustafa Sel, Inter-Ibex Consulting S.A.
“If we took feedback from end users and set the Business Value properly, Adviser provided a perfect strategy for our Domino assets. I can’t imagine we could achieve this without Adviser. Moreover, the information Adviser provides is updated on a daily basis to prevent us from seeing outdated information.”
— Kazuo Tamura, GEOMATEC