Adviser 6.1 Builds on Decades of Experience

By: Mark Dixon

Security, replication, customization, clustering, offline, collaboration, and RAD are just some of Domino’s strengths. Despite countless new features being added, the platform has admirably managed to maintain backwards compatibility. Masses of developers and admins still love IBM Notes and Domino for these reasons and more, but after years of unclear messaging from IBM and dissatisfaction from their end users, organizations are increasingly migrating away from Notes and Domino to other technologies like Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint, or .NET, or G Suite, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, or ServiceNow.

Before rewriting their customized business applications on any of these other platforms, developers have to first understand the usage, complexity, and business value of all their apps. Our latest release of Teamstudio Adviser builds on our decades of experience with database design analysis to make this process faster, easier, and more intelligent than ever before.

Leading in Thought and Action
Over twenty years ago, I wrote a revolutionary software program capable of analyzing the design of Notes databases. We called it Teamstudio Analyzer. After 32 major releases, I’m proud to say that Analyzer is globally recognized as the principal tool for Notes database design analysis.

As time passed, we began to increasingly hear our customers tell us their management teams were considering a migration off the Notes and Domino platform. So, in 2006, we started offering Catalog Scan, Application Usage Auditing, Application Complexity Analysis, and Effective Access Auditing as services to our customers. We wanted to help our customers justify their business-critical applications through reliable usage metrics while illustrating how complex these customized Notes applications really were. Estimating the costs and risks associated with a Notes application rewrite could help reaffirm a commitment to the Notes and Domino platform. Many of these projects were successful in securing recommitment to Notes and Domino. In other cases, clients would go on to use the data to help effectively plan for a future on another application platform.

We gained experience and learned lessons over the years from delivering both Analyzer and these service offerings to customers. The refined and improved result is a product called Teamstudio Adviser.

Superior, Because You Deserve Better Than Standard
Teamstudio Adviser is built on our decades of experience with database design analysis. We have analyzed millions of lines of code. It is a neutral and objective tool; the recommendations it gives are based purely on our clients’ data and our thoroughly researched algorithms. Organizations can trust the guidance Adviser gives just as legions of Notes developers and administrators have trusted our tools to aid in their development since 1996.

Introducing Adviser 6.1
We’re thrilled to announce that Adviser 6.1 is now available. This edition adds support for Domino 8.5.3 and above. Adviser’s Catalog module now supports users and groups. We’ve added the ability to identify inactive users and the power to filter by user. You can also now create tags and attach them to users or databases, and then filter by tag in the reports. Additionally, Adviser’s Effective Access reporting will display users’ access rights to specified databases, no matter how complex your group hierarchies. We have also made improvements to memory handling and performance, and have added Japanese language support to the product.

Teamstudio Adviser 6.1

Teamstudio Adviser 6.1

I’m proud to continue to serve as CTO at Teamstudio where we remain committed to innovation and improvement. Take a closer look at Adviser, and let us know what you think.

-Mark Dixon, CTO, Teamstudio

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