Edition 32.1 Upgrades Installer, Configurator, CIAO!®

We're pleased to announce that Teamstudio NotesTools Edition 32.1 is now available! Edition 32.1 is a feature release of the Teamstudio tools for Notes development and administration. This release contains upgrades to the installer as well as specific upgrades to Teamstudio Configurator and CIAO!®.

The installer in Edition 32.0 relied on a number of PowerShell and VBScripts. This caused problems for some users on older versions of Windows. In Edition 32.1, these scripts have all been replaced with a custom DLL.

Improvements to Teamstudio Configurator include resolving crash issues, the coloring of strings in LotusScript and multi-line comments, the displaying of Java code, and more. Improvements to Teamstudio CIAO!® include resolving client hang issues and a promotion fail issue, as well as enhancements to the promotion process. For more details, the complete list of upgrades, and directions before installing the new version, please read the release notes and installation guide.

Edition 32.1 includes the following products:

  • Analyzer
  • CIAO!® (client and server)
  • Configurator
  • Delta
  • Design Manager
  • Profiler (client and server)
  • Undo
  • Validator

If you own one or more of these products, please head to the product downloads page to download the newest edition.


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