New Release of Teamstudio Export Improves Rich Text Rendering and Full Text Searching

By Nigel Cheshire

The latest release of Teamstudio Export (2.2) is here, and it’s got some exciting improvements. Almost all the new features are focussed on improving the experience for users of the HTML archives that Export produces.

First though, a quick recap of what Export is and what it does. (If you’re already a user of Export, you might want to skip this paragraph!)

If you’re retiring an old Notes/Domino database, it may be because you’ve migrated the app to a new platform or just don’t use it anymore. Either way, it’s helpful to keep a read-only copy of the data in the app, in a format that can easily be searched and viewed by end users. Ideally, that would be in some medium that doesn’t require you to maintain application or database servers with their attendant recurring costs. Teamstudio Export creates stand-alone HTML archives of Notes/Domino databases that can be easily accessed using only a browser. It reproduces the views in the Notes app, faithfully maintains all the data, including file attachments and rich text, and supports full text search.

And so to the updates in Export 2.2:

Improved Accuracy of Rich Text Rendering

The Notes/Domino rich text format is proprietary and a bit quirky, and has always caused headaches when it comes to data export from a Notes database. The new release of Export includes several improvements in the rendering of rich text in the browser, including support for colored text, improvements to the way lists and tables in the same field are handled, and support for paragraph text outside of <run> elements.

Improvements to Full Text Search

The new release includes upgrades to full text search in the HTML archive, including support for accented characters. Très bien!

Improved Logging and Error Handling

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan, especially when you’re dealing with 20+ year old data. Don’t get me wrong, we love the Notes API, but it does sometimes have a habit of exiting, err, unceremoniously if it encounters some corrupt data that it wasn’t expecting. We’ve added improvements that help cope with all eventualities and track down dodgy data that causes problems when exporting.

Other Improvements

In addition to these new features, there’s a long list of fixes and other minor improvements, including the ability to cope with databases with unfeasibly large numbers of profile documents. For all the gory detail, you can delve into the release notes here.

If you already have an active license for Teamstudio Export, the upgrade is available free of charge, no new serial keys are needed. Just click below to download the new version.

We constantly strive to improve our products. If you have ideas for improvements, or if there’s anything else you’d like to discuss, please do contact us. Otherwise, enjoy the new release!