Export v2.1 Adds Microsoft SharePoint Compatibility

By Nigel Cheshire

Today, we’re excited to be shipping the latest update to our Lotus Notes database archiving and exporting tool, Teamstudio Export. Since we first launched Export back in February, customers have been asking us about whether it’s possible to export a database directly from Notes into SharePoint. This release addresses that issue.

First, let’s be clear about one thing. Export is an archiving tool. It does not magically transform a 20 year old Lotus Notes application into a fully functional web application. What it does do is to create easy to navigate, web-based archives of your Notes databases, including views and full-text search. Database archives can be viewed using only a browser, with no need for even a web server. This potentially gives you a very cost effective way of providing user access to archived data with almost no recurring costs into the future.

So, having got that out of the way, what does “SharePoint compatibility” mean. Simply put, it means that with the new version of Export, you can simply drag an export folder into SharePoint Designer and import the entire archive into SharePoint. Easy.

Drag a Teamstudio Export archive into SharePoint Designer to create your archive in SP

Not everyone who’s using Export is migrating to SharePoint. But for those who are, this is a super-easy way to create archives of your Lotus Notes databases in SharePoint in two simple steps. Create the archive in Export, drag the archive into SharePoint Designer, done.

Aside from that, there are a couple of fixes associated with handling different character sets and very long attachment file names. And, speaking of attachments, we now handle attachments that are not embedded in rich text. Yep, we’re talking about pre-R4 style attachments that, back in 1995 and earlier, were not associated with rich text objects.


So, no matter how old your Lotus Notes databases are, you can easily create searchable, HTML archives of them and now, import them straight into SharePoint. If you are already an Export customer, you can download the new version of the product here. If not, click below to talk about how Export can help you create XML and HTML archives of your Notes databases at extremely low cost.