Feeling rarer than an Ili Pika? Don't worry, we got your back.

This quirky little news story probably escaped your notice a few years ago. It was about a rare Chinese furry mammal that was spotted, and filmed, for the first time in more than 30 years. The animal is called an Ili Pika and it's estimated that there are only around 1,000 left in the world. The Ili Pika probably garnered more online attention than, say, the American Burying Beetle, owing to its cute appearance and teddy-bear looks.

If you spend much of your working day writing or maintaining LotusScript code, you might be feeling a bit like the Ili Pika (or possibly even the American Burying Beetle). While it's true that IBM Notes, and especially LotusScript, have lost some of the shininess they enjoyed a decade or two ago, we're here to tell you that there's still a significant amount of LotusScript code being written and/or maintained. And there's small but determined and dedicated group of fellow coders in the same boat as you.

How do we know this? Well, Teamstudio's closest approximation to the Ili Pika is Teamstudio Profiler. Probably our most esoteric product, it's a performance profiler for LotusScript and, perhaps not surprisingly, it's also our "most exclusive" product. 

So while you might think that a LotusScript performance profiler sounds like something that's rarer than hen's teeth (or grass round a hog trough, if you're from Texas), we beg to differ. We have literally hundreds of Profiler licenses in use every day throughout the world. We sold our first Profiler license in May of 2004, and the third license we ever sold is still being used today, 14 years later.

Profiler may not be our top selling product. But, like all of our tools, if you need it, as they say, you need it. And while many of our customers are looking for ways to move away from the Notes/Domino platform, just as many of them remain committed and are continuing to build and maintain applications on the platform.

And if you have a performance problem with a LotusScript app, you need a way to track it down and fix it. So we will remain committed to supporting our customers for as long as they need us to.

To learn more about Profiler, or any of our set of ten tools dedicated to helping people who build and maintain Notes/Domino apps, click below.