Who's Using What, Where and When? New Options Added to Adviser Data Extraction Utility

By Brian Arnold

Have you ever wondered who is accessing your HCL Domino servers, which Domino databases they are accessing and how frequently the Domino databases are used per month?

Although this information is available in the Domino server’s Log database, by default that information is only retained for 14 days and is not easily extracted into a usable format for external reporting. So, if you need more than two weeks of information you are out of luck, unless you capture it before it is gone. Even if you do capture the information, you have the problem of removing duplicate data from the format that you have captured it into. Not an easy task.

That’s where Teamstudio Adviser comes into play. Adviser captures these types of information (among many others) and keeps it indefinitely. Adviser also keeps track of new information so there’s never any overlap in the data being captured.

Adviser can display this information to you in a very clear to understand web interface (as shown below):

But what if you want to use this information in another external reporting engine like Microsoft Power BI or even Microsoft Excel? That is where the Teamstudio Adviser Data Extraction Utility comes into action. Just like its snappy name, this utility has a lot of stuff packed into it!

Originally released back in October 2018, this utility allows you to extract the various types of information from Adviser into a Comma Separated Value (.CSV) file. It can also allow you to combine the various data types into a single .CSV file for better reporting of your Domino database usage, complexity and statistics. All of this and you can also schedule when the information is extracted!

We are also pleased to announce that we have added two new Data Extraction processes to this utility:

Users Per DB

In this extract you will see which Domino databases individual users are accessing, when they last accessed them and how much Notes & Web Usage they consumed:

Usage Trends

In this extract you will see various columns which contain the amount of usage per month. The months can be configured to only show usage for a select number of months (e.g. Q1-2019) or for all usage data contained within Adviser. You can also indicate if you want to extract the combined usage total, Notes usage or Web usage (combined totals are always extracted).

Here’s what the new interface options for setting up this extract looks like:

The end result of the .CSV file will look similar to what you can see below:

Both of these new Data Extraction processes can be scheduled so that you can create the CSV files whenever you want. Along with the scheduling options, you can also have the CSV files created wherever you want. With this functionality you could, for instance, have the CSV files created every Monday morning and then your users could open a pre-configured Microsoft Power BI report which pulls its data from the CSV file.

If you would like to try out the new Data Extraction processes, you just need to download the latest version of the utility by clicking below:

If you would like a demonstration of this or any of our other products please contact us by clicking below. We’re always happy to chat!