Easily Upgrade Applications to Domino 10 with Free Filter Packs

By Nigel Cheshire

Last week I wrote about Edition 33, the latest update to Teamstudio’s suite of developer tools for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino applications. One of the things I mentioned in that post was that E33 is now certified by IBM as fully compliant with the latest release of Notes and Domino, V10.

But there’s something else included in the E33 release that I didn’t mention in that post. We’ve added a couple of new Analyzer Filter Packs in to the release, and we’re giving them away for free!

In case you’re not familiar with Analyzer Filter Packs, they are sets of filters that you can use to audit your existing Notes and Domino applications. You can use them to identify potential issues in your code that could cause problems down the road. For example, we have sets of filters that identify compatibility problems when you upgrade to a new version of Notes and attempt to run an existing application in the new environment.

With that in mind, one of the new filter packs is the Domino 10 Upgrade Filter Pack. We have scoured through the latest release of IBM Notes and Domino looking for any compatibility issues that could cause problems in your existing applications. Those issues (there are 25 of them) have been captured in the form of filters that will trigger an error or warning during the audit process if they are encountered in your code.

The other area we’ve been focused on with the Filters is the new mobile Notes client, known as IBM Domino Mobile Apps, or HCL Nomad. Currently still in beta as of the time of writing, this is the version of the Notes client that allows you to run your Notes applications, unchanged, on an Apple iPad.

If you just want to learn more about the mobile client, Daniel Nashed wrote a nice blog post about it here. In his post, Daniel notes that “Almost all the @functions … worked.” While it’s true that many Notes applications will just work on the iPad, it’s also true that some will not. And so we built a set of Filters to detect potential issues with the mobile client. There are 39 mobile client filters, and we’re also making them available free of charge.

To make things simple, we’ve bundled the Domino 10 Filters and the Mobile Filters together into a single package. To get your hands on the new filter packs, all you have to do is ask! Just click the button below and we’ll send them to you. Of course, you need a copy of Teamstudio Analyzer to be able to run the filters.

With these new, free, filter packs, we’re making it easier to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of IBM Notes and Domino. And, if you’re considering using IBM Domino Mobile Apps, aka HCL Nomad, to provide mobile access to your Notes apps, then the filter packs will also allow you to easily detect potential problems before they happen.