New Release of Teamstudio Tools Adds New Build Features, Domino 10 Support

We’re thrilled to announce that we have released the latest version of the Teamstudio developer tool suite, Edition 33. Our focus for this release has been in three main areas. First, all the tools that feature a Notes-based UI have received updates to keep them looking fresh. Second, we have extensively tested with the latest major release of the IBM Notes and Domino platform, version 10, and E33 has received a certification of compliance from IBM. But what we’re most excited about is that we’ve added some significant new features to Teamstudio CIAO!, the world’s first and only version control system specifically created for Notes and Domino application development.

CIAO! has long offered a promotion feature via the CIAO! Configuration database. This feature supports creating Promotion Paths for templates that are under CIAO! control, which define server and file locations where the template should be deployed. Promoting a template creates a copy of that template at the desired location, and also supports an optional build step to create a CIAO! version of the template automatically prior to the deployment.

Edition 33 adds several new build steps to make it easy to prepare templates for deployment in a repeatable, consistent, and self-documenting manner – all with a single click. Similar to build systems for other types of software development, these new features help to ensure that each new version of a template is properly prepared for release without needing a manual process or checklist.

Significant new build steps include:

  • Setting template properties such as Design Template Name and Title;

  • Defining the template ACL;

  • Changing element properties, such as clearing element-level design inheritance and Prohibit Design Refresh settings;

  • Compiling all LotusScript;

  • Signing the template with a specific ID;

  • Refreshing the design of target application(s) from the new template.

Detailed descriptions of the available functions are available from the Build Steps page of the online documentation. For more information on promotions in general and how they work, see the section on Promotion Paths.

The new build steps added to CIAO! represent a subset of the features available in Teamstudio Build Manager. Build Manager offers many other features to manage complex builds, including the ability to promote using different Notes IDs to support segregation of duties, release management and deployment tracking features, and approval workflows. For a comparison of CIAO! and Build Manager, see Product Comparison - CIAO! and Build Manager.

If you have an active subscription for any of the Teamstudio developer tools, you should have received an email with updated license keys and instructions on how to upgrade. If you didn’t receive the email, either because it was blocked by a pesky spam filter or for some other reason, click below to contact us.

We’ve put a lot of work into this new release, which includes some significant improvements to the CIAO! product, and some important fixes and UI improvements to the other products. We hope you enjoy them!